The secret weapon of pastry chefs and ice cream makers.
Sweetacus is a set of technical tools dedicated to professional pastry chefs and ice cream makers who make use of the qualities best of the internet - crowdsharing, crowdsourcing and the cloud - to collect technical information about ingredients and production techniques, taking advantage of the collective knowledge of professionals from around the world.
The strength of a network of excellence.Source of inspiration and sharing, from Worldwide.
Through Crowdsourcing you can access a vast world of information on the ingredients.
Sweetacus is always by your side to provide you with real-time ideas, recipes, values nutritional, all valuable information for
Sharing the culture of pastry and ice cream is a heritage for all professionals, which increases
Be visible and up to date. Two big one opportunities for professionals sector
Expert Advice
Sweetacus offers you the opportunity to enter in contact with professional expertstake advantage of their valuable advice.
Secure Data
Your all the data is secure in database with highly encription technique.
Cloud Data
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